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Your Secret Root Reactivation Weapon

Have you noticed bald spots and thinning areas on your scalp? Has your hair been losing volume, fullness, and bounce? Don’t lose hope - there’s a simple way to activate roots to fill your head with natural, healthy hair without harsh chemicals or expensive treatments.

Queen’s Root Reactivation Serum uses a tested and proven formula to give you amazing hair growth you will see quickly. Ingredients include Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, and Ginseng Root Extract to promote a balanced scalp and trigger a more powerful growth cycle deep within your roots

This hair growth solution does not require a prescription or invasive treatment. Simply add to your routine and see incredible results in weeks as the ingredients go to work with your scalp’s natural process to activate, hydrate, and strengthen your hair growth.

Amazing Results for 3A - 4C Hair


Queen’s Root Reactivation Serum goes to work as soon as you apply it, as the formula begins detoxifying your scalp, stimulating blood flow, and providing stimulating nutrients.


As you keep using Root Reactivation Serum, each powerful dose of activating ingredients wakes up follicles around your head. Inactive follicles that once grew hair are now ready to grow again!


Your scalp is balanced, healthy, and activated as previously thinning areas of your head appear fuller and more defined. Continue using Root Reactivation Serum on targeted areas to keep the growth going!

Love for Every Curl & Coil

Special ingredients for curly, coily, tight, kinky hair patterns and textures that you won’t find in most products

We started Queen to give more options to often overlooked hair types.
If you have curly or coily hair, you shouldn’t have to struggle to find high quality ingredients that give you results.

Our highest goal is to deliver you products that work the best for you. We work extensively with hair scientists to formulate each product with specific ingredients that work faster and harder for your specific hair type, because not all hair can be treated the same, but all hair deserves the best.

Powerful Ingredients

Jojoba Oil

Allows the serum to travel through hair like natural hair oils, reaching the end of each hair shaft through curls and frizz.

Coconut Oil

Gives the serum the special ability to condition coarse hair textures, helping reduce breakage and split ends.

Castor Oil

Powerful growth stimulant for natural hair types that helps moisturize dry, brittle hair and create powerful growth.

Ginger Root Extract

Provides fatty acids to strengthen hair and gently stimulates follicles to prepare for growth.

All Ingredients:

Aqua, Caffeine, Urea, Biotin, Propylene , Glycol, Glycerin, Alcohol, Butylene, Glycol, Panax, Ginseng Root Extract, Mint Essence, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Essence, Rosemary Essence, Olive Oil, Almond Oil

How Root Reactivation Serum Works

Phase 1


As your body ages or you encounter more stress, hair follicles start to shut down and bald spots appear throughout your head. To fight hair loss, start with returning optimal blood flow and nutrients to inactive follicles to wake them up.

Phase 2


Powerful stimulation begins. As blood flow improves, follicles receive more nutrients, oxygen, and stimulants, supporting powerful hair growth.

Phase 3


See new growth throughout your head as your scalp is balanced and able to continue a new, healthy natural growth process. Your roots continue to receive essential nutrients and stimulation.

This is Hair Love

Natural. Proud. You.

What are the Phases of Root Reactivation?

Anagen Phase

Growth begins in active hair follicles, as the strand of hair is created from proteins and nutrients. Root Reactivation Serum provides nutrients and stimulation to keep more of your follicles in an active anagen phase, growing strong, healthy hair.

Catagen Phase

The hair strand reaches its full growth potential and prepares to close off from nutrients. Root Reactivation Serum plays a critical role in providing one last supply of powerful nutrients to keep the hair strand strong and healthy through the rest of the phases.

Telogen Phase

This is a resting phase for the follicle, as it no longer supplies the hair strand with nutrients. The hair strand no longer grows, but Root Reactivation Serum continues to condition the scalp to prevent hair from falling out early.

Exogen Phase

The hair strand ends its cycle, shedding naturally. Root Reactivation Serum helps prevent bald spots and thinning areas by ensuring each hair strand has a long, healthy cycle before reaching this phase. The serum also works to keep the follicle activated and ready for another cycle of growth.

How to Use

Follow These Simple Instructions



Rinse your hair and cleanse it of any products and impurities. Allow it to dry until the hair is fully dry or damp.



Using the dropper, apply 1-2 drops to thinning areas of
the scalp.



Leave the serum to go to work while you go about your day.
For best results, apply Root Reactivation Serum 1-2 times per week. Evaluate progress and reduce application as hair growth becomes visible.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The Queen team believes that you deserve the very best products, so
we test our formulas until we’re sure you will love them just as much
as we do.

We work hard to bring you innovative, safe, effective products with
a stress-free shopping experience, and we back that up with a risk-
free satisfaction guarantee!

If your time shopping with us or using our products has not met the standard, we will make it right for you so that you are thrilled about your every purchase.

Please allow up to 24 hours for us to respond - we might need to investigate further to give you a proper response.