Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream (CC)

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Style & Regrow Your Hair

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Give your hairline a controlled look that holds flat all day while regrowing thinning edges. Style unruly edges while activating roots for fuller, shinier, healthier hair.

Use everytime you wash your hair

  • Stimulate natural regrowth
  • Jojoba Oil & Mint Essence
  • Style hairlines, eyebrows & sideburns
  • Deep moisturizing for 3A-4C hair types




Style Your Edges and Grow Them Back

Is your hair coming out around your edges? Is it impossible to create a straight, sleek line around your hairline, sideburns, and brows? With one simple cream you can tame your unruly edges that not only create a sleek, defined look, but help bring back hair growth to thinning areas.

Queen’s Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream does everything you need and more. Keep your hair in place with a strong hold, long-lasting formulation. At the same time, ingredients Mint Essence and Jojoba Oil activate your roots to promote long-term growth! Not only can you get better looking hairlines, eyebrows, and sideburns, you can help grow them back!

Get rid of harsh chemicals and cancel the hair treatments. Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream uses natural ingredients to get you results. This is the simplest way to get the look you love (and we love that for you)!

Amazing Results for 3A - 4C Hair


Get a sleek, controlled look you love in seconds! Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream applies dry and applies smooth to keep frizzy hair under control throughout the entire day.


As you regularly use Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream, ingredients Mint Essence and Jojoba Oil activate your roots to promote growth in patchy areas.


See your edges come back strong and full as your roots are stimulated to create lasting growth!

Love for Every Curl & Coil

Special ingredients for curly, coily, tight, kinky hair patterns and textures that you won’t find in most products

We started Queen to give more options to often overlooked hair types.
If you have curly or coily hair, you shouldn’t have to struggle to find high quality ingredients that give you results.

Our highest goal is to deliver you products that work the best for you. We work extensively with hair scientists to formulate each product with specific ingredients that work faster and harder for your specific hair type, because not all hair can be treated the same, but all hair deserves the best.

Powerful Ingredients

Mint Essence

Refreshes the scalp and promotes
blood flow to follicles, stimulating growth.

Castor Oil

Powerful growth stimulant for natural hair types that helps moisturize dry, brittle hair and create powerful growth.

Jojoba Oil

Allows the serum to travel through hair like natural hair oils, reaching the end of each hair shaft through curls and frizz.

All Ingredients:

Water (Aqua), Ceteareth-20, Castor Oil, Glycerl Cocoate, CP2 Preservative, Jojoba Oil, Mint Essece,Triethanolamine, Cromollient SCE and Fragrance.

How Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream Works

Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream does more than hold your hair in place, infusing stimulating ingredients that promote growth from your roots. Get sleek, perfectly controlled edges, while helping your edges look your edges fuller and healthier than ever before!

The formula works as a safe and gentle adhesive for hair that holds strong while you wear it but washes out easily and leaves behind no residue.

To promote root reactivation, we infused the formula with ingredients including Mint Essence and Jojoba Oil. As Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream sits in your hair, your roots are gently stimulated and follicles enter an extended growth phase. As a result, continual use of Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream can give you a visible difference in hair fullness you can see in weeks.

What are the Phases of Root Reactivation?

Anagen Phase

Growth begins in active hair follicles, as the strand of hair is created from proteins and nutrients. Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream provides stimulation to keep more of your follicles in an active anagen phase, growing strong, healthy hair.

Catagen Phase

The hair strand reaches its full growth potential and prepares to close off from nutrients. Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream plays a critical role in providing one last supply of powerful nutrients to keep the hair strand strong and healthy through the rest of the phases.

Telogen Phase

This is a resting phase for the follicle, as it no longer supplies the hair strand with nutrients. The hair strand no longer grows, but Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream continues to condition the scalp to prevent hair from falling out early.

Exogen Phase

The hair strand ends its cycle, shedding naturally. Edge Hold & Root Reactivation Cream helps prevent bald spots and thinning areas by ensuring each hair strand has a long, healthy cycle before reaching this phase. The serum also works to keep the follicle activated and ready for another cycle of growth.

How to Use

Follow These Simple Instructions



Position hair for styling.



Apply a small amount of creme (about a dime-size) to hair. Press along hair until it stays in place.



Go about your day and enjoy a sleek, controlled style.

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